Business Proposal’s female lead Kim Se Jeong was once criticized for her exaggerated acting style

With such impressive acting skills, no one knows that the beauty of Business Proposal has been criticized by the audience for an exaggerated way of acting.

Since its first broadcast, the drama Business Proposal has received the attention of Korean and international audiences. Despite the controversy over the drama’s quality, after the broadcast of episode 6, Business Proposal still recorded a rating of 10.1%. The popularity of the drama has helped actress Kim Se Jeong‘s name get more attention. 

Kim Se Jeong

However, before entering the acting field, Kim Se Jeong was famous as a K-Pop idol. The 1996-born beauty is known as a former member of the girl group I.O.I and the runner-up of the hit TV show Produce 101

Once considered as a potential young singer, when I.O.I disbanded, Se Jeong‘s singing career also faded away. She joined the group Gugudan, also managed by JellyFish Entertainment, but did not prosper. After Gugudan’s hiatus, Se Jeong renewed her contract with Jellyfish Entertainment as a solo singer.

Kim Se Jeong

Kim Se Jeong is currently carrying out both singing and acting activities. Before gaining huge attention and compliments for her performances as Shin Ha Ri, her acting skills were not recognized by many viewers. Participating in the drama “School 2017”, Kim Se Jeong used to be criticized by the audiences. They commented that her acting was unnatural and her expressions were excessive. In 2019, Kim Se Jeong once again faced the viewers’ opposition to her appearance in the movie “I Wanna Hear Your Song”. Netizens believed Se Jeong was still “too young” and not good enough to take on a female lead role.

Kim Se Jeong
Kim Se Jeong used to be criticized a lot

However, the young actress continued to work hard and gain more acting experience through various works. Showing great performances in “The Uncanny Counter” and “A Business Proposal”, Kim Se Jeong has gradually been recognized by more audiences. With her efforts and hard work, Kim Se Jeong deserves all these praises.

As a result, netizens are looking forward to Kim Se Jeong’s developments as an actress in the future. “A Business Proposal” is aired every Monday and Tuesday evening on SBS. The drama is also released simultaneously on the OTT platform Netflix.

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