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Ahn Bo Hyun revealed he want to the same school as Kim Woo Bin for 3 years 

Ahn Bo Byun turns out to have a special relationship with Kim Woo Bin.

In episode 13 of tvN’s cooking show “The Backpacker Chef”, which was aired on August 18, Baek Jong Won, Oh Dae Hwan, Ahn Bo Hyun, and DinDin went on a business trip to Cheongsong Prison (now Gyeongbuk Northern Second Prison).

The Backpacker Chef

On this day, Ahn Bo Hyun suffered from loneliness while working on his own in the kitchen. After joining the crowd following Baek Jong Won’s instructions to cut the ingredients, Ahn Bo Hyun started having a friendly conversation with Lee Ho Cheol, a daily packer next to him.

ahn bo hyun

The two talked about Daegu, Lee Ho Cheol’s hometown.  Ahn Bo Hyun said that he also lived in Daegu for three years. He went on to reveal, “I went to school with Kim Woo Bin in Gyeongsan at that time. We majored in modeling at Daekyung University.” 

Source: Nate

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