The girl who had to wash baby diapers for money is now a successful actress

Won Jin-ah: “There is no part-time job she has never done.”

Actress Won Jin-ah says there is no part-time job she has never done. She used to work at cafes, department stores, restaurants, water parks, and cotton offices. Won Jin-ah said the most tiring job was to wash baby diapers and towels in the laundry room in the basement of the postpartum care center.

won ji ah

Won Jin-ah’s mother suggested that she try acting, so she recklessly came to Seoul from Cheonan thinking it was her last chance. The girl applied for the audition for the heroine role of an independent movie, got cast and made her debut as an actress.

won ji ah

Since then, Won Jin-ah has become a hot topic and performed stably by taking the lead in the JTBC drama “Rain or Shine.” Since then, the actress has appeared in dramas “Life,” “Melting Me Softly,” and “She would never know.” She was selected as the lead in the drama “The Secret The Unspeakable.”

Recently, Won Jin-ah played Song So-hyun in the Netflix drama “Hellbound” and received favorable reviews for her impressive acting.

won ji ah

Recently, in SBS Power FM “Park Ha-sun’s Cinema Town,” Won Jin-ah told a 24-year-old listener who dreams of becoming an actor “You dream of a good and interesting job. I am grateful to hear that you gained strength from listening to my story. There are many people watching me, so I think I should work harder. It’s never too late. I don’t think it’s too late to start even at my age. I hope you don’t feel rushed or unhappy, and have fun. I’ll see you next time.”

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