BTS RM revealed he almost enlisted in the military along with j-hope 

RM of BTS said he initially had plans to join the army along with j-hope but postponed due to an ongoing project. 

In one of the live streams to interact with fans on Weverse, the leader of BTS, RM shared his decision to join the army. He revealed he wanted to fulfill his military service with j-hope, but had to postpone. 


The rapper shared, “I was actually planning to enlist around the same time as J-Hope but I had to push it back because of this project. I think I will go after I complete this.” From this, it is likely that the actor will be the third member to join the military. The exact time and date have not been announced. 

Two days before, j-hope officially started his basic training at the New Recruit Training Center Division A in Gangwon-do. He is the second member of BTS to join the military. Members gathered to see j-hope off. Fans hope he can have good health and complete the military service on time. 

Source: K14 

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