BTS J-Hope Begins Military Service and Quarantines for a Week Due to COVID-19

BTS member J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) spent his first night in military service.

According to the Army on April 19th, BTS J-Hope and 208 other new recruits will undergo COVID-19 testing and quarantine for a week before receiving military education. 


If the test results are negative, they will receive five weeks of basic military training, during which J-Hope and other recruits will be called trainees. 

The basic military training includes individual weapon training, chemical and biological warfare training, mental training, combat training, and 20km marches, focusing on basic military tasks for five weeks. After completion, they will be assigned to a unit to serve 18 months of military duty.

Meanwhile, J-Hope enlisted in active duty as part of the 23-5th batch at the Baekho Training Center of the 36th Infantry Division in Socho-myeon, Wonju City, Gangwon Province on the previous day. He is expected to be discharged on October 17, 2024.

Source: Nate

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