A famous rapper refused to join BTS because Big Hit forced their idols to have plastic surgery?

The lyrics of the male rapper Beenzino implicated Bang Shi Hyuk, and Big Hit company were regaining attention as it revealed the reason why he refused to become a BTS’s member.

BTS is currently the group that leads the K-pop Hallyu globally and is one of the world-class stars. Its lineup consists of 7 members Jin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Thanks to this lineup, the group has achieved unimaginable success, far beyond an ordinary K-pop group. However, like many other groups, before the project of BTS finished, there had been trainees who were recruited but didn’t debut with BTS.

Many names have previously been considered to join BTS, such as Iron, Basick, Loco, Supreme Boi, Kidoh (TOPP DOGG), Suwoong (Boys Republic), Roh Ji Hoon, etc. There’s also the famous male rapper Beenzino. He allegedly refused to join BTS because he didn’t like PD Bang Shi Hyuk’s requirement.

A famous rapper refused to join BTS because Big Hit forced their idols to have plastic surgery?
Male rapper Beenzino once refused to join the BTS project

A post about why Beenzino refused to join BTS on a Korean online forum was dug up and became a hot topic. This post was titled ‘Big Hit is just another company that forces people to get plastic surgery.’ Korean netizens reiterated that Beenzino didn’t join BTS was because he refused to have plastic surgery to shave his jaws as Bang Shi Hyuk required. 

Specifically, in 2015, Beenzino featured in a song called ‘Hallelujah’ by The Quiett. The male rapper continuously slammed PD Bang Shi Hyuk in the lyrics and mentioned that he was forced to undergo ‘cutlery’ to join BTS.

The hidden meaning behind the lyrics was about Beenzino’s reason for refusing to join BTS

The below were Beenzino’s lyrics that were regaining attention:

‘During my underground days [as a rapper], this producer

said this to me

If I [work] with him, no matter what I do

Everything will work out.

The last thing is the punchline

He said [everything] would work if I shaved my jaws a little

I don’t need your bulletproof

Just like that, to the offer of being his boy (*uses ‘sonyeon’ for Bangtansonyeondan)

I declined…”

‘Hallelujah’ – The Quiett feat. Beenzino

Then in 2020, Korean media also dug up these lyrics. There’s an article with the title: ‘Just sharpen your jaw a bit’… Beenzino, the lyrics containing the reason why he’s not a member of BTS is gaining attention again.’

A famous rapper refused to join BTS because Big Hit forced their idols to have plastic surgery?
Korean newspaper reported on Beenzino’s song lyrics

As soon as they read the lyrics of Beenzino, many people understood the meaning behind it. He used terms like ‘bulletproof’ and ‘sonyeon,’ all related to BTS. In addition, he also mentioned a particular ‘producer.’ It was not hard for many people to understand that he was referring to PD Bang Shi Hyuk.

This has sparked the discussion about whether Big Hit Entertainment encouraged or forced their artists to undergo plastic surgery. In reality, several entertainment companies encouraged their artists to have plastic surgery to help their artists have a better appearance before their debut. However, many Knets believed that BTS members all had beautiful natural visuals, and the company also valued their ​​talent. As a result, many netizens were surprised by Beenzino’s lyrics.

Some comments from Knets:

– Idols’ visuals are essential too. It doesn’t really matter if the company asks them to get plastic surgery or not. As long as you don’t force them to operate on life-threatening things, it’s okay.

– What’s the big deal about this? Did Big Hit ever release a statement claiming that they never forced their idol to have surgery? Why is the cutlery idol thing worth discussing? This is all too common.

– Beomgyu (TXT) had double eyelid surgery.

– If you watch Taehyun (TXT)’s pre-debut video, you can see that he fixed his nose. Yeonjun also had nose filler injections.

– RM got his nose done!

– What, Beenzino is so handsome! If he had plastic surgery, he would have lost his natural charm. Luckily he didn’t do that!!

– There are a lot of idols in entertainment companies having plastic surgery. But that doesn’t mean all idols’ beauties are artificial. There are still natural beauties. And whether they have surgery or not, they’re still prettier than those haters!!

– I won’t say much here. (Attached are captured photos of the post and malicious comments to report to Big Hit)

A famous rapper refused to join BTS because Big Hit forced their idols to have plastic surgery?

– I’m sorry, but Jungkook was handsome before his debut.

– Actually, he has already refused to join BTS, and everyone has their own career now. Is it too petty to write these lyrics? Luckily Beenzino wasn’t a member of BTS.

– Look at the series of photos of BTS members from when they were little to now. They’re not different at all!

– It’s starting again… Just because he has plastic surgery doesn’t mean that Big Hit’s artists all have surgery, okay? If you spread fake news, don’t complain if you get sued.

– But aren’t all BTS members naturally beautiful? It’s funny to look at their picture when they were younger, but it’s the same now. It’s been 8 years since the debut, but now the suspicion of plastic surgery keeps popping up. Isn’t it funny?

A famous rapper refused to join BTS because Big Hit forced their idols to have plastic surgery?
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