BTS Jungkook will leave for Qatar secretly on a private chartered plane

The schedule of BTS member Jungkook in Qatar has been announced .

It has been confirmed that BTS Jungkook will depart for Gimpo International Airport on November 15th and arrive at Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar using a chartered (private) plane.

Jungkook’s departure is to attend the ”2022 Qatar World Cup” opening ceremony, which is held at Alcor Albeit Stadium in Qatar on November 20th (local time).


Prior to this, Jungkook visited Qatar last month and took a schedule related to the World Cup and public relations. According to FIFA, 6-7 teams of world-class musicians, including Jungkook, will perform at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup.

Big Hit Music, a subsidiary of BTS’ agency HYBE Labels, also announced on November 13th, “Jungkook will participate in the Qatar World Cup official soundtrack and the opening ceremony performance.”

Source: daum

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