The decision Lee Hyo-ri made for “Japanese Military Sexual Slavery” victims

On August 10th, the teaser music video for the OST “Don’t Forget Me” of the movie “KOKO SunYi”, in which singer Lee Hyo-ri participated, was released.

The movie “KOKO SunYi” is a tracking reportage film that reveals distorted records and hidden truths about Japanese Military Sexual Slavery.

Last year, a paper defining “Japanese Military Sexual Slavery” victims as “voluntary prostitutes” was published, receiving great criticism from both inside and outside the academic world.

The production team took the lead in revealing the truth about “Japanese Military Sexual Slavery” by directly visiting Harvard Law School’s professor John Mark Ramseyer, who wrote the paper.

The production team traced the truth of the “Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No.49”, which was used as the main basis for supporting Professor Ramseyer’s claim.

This report contains 6 pages of stories of 20 Korean “comfort women” who were captured in Myanmar in 1944. Its author Alex Yorichi wrote, “(Comfort women) lived in luxury. They had enough money to buy what they wanted. Comfort women are just prostitutes.”

However, the production team visited Kenjiro Akune, who was the interrogator at the time. He said, “Alex Yorichi made the report without an interpreter.” The production team traced the list of 20 “comfort women” attached as an “appendix” and found out the whereabouts of one person.

She is a comfort woman recorded as “Koko Sunyi”, the main character of the movie.

Lee Hyo-ri, who gave a long lingering feeling by writing, composing and singing the movie’s OST “Don’t Forget Me”, expressed sincerity with her warm voice and poetic lyrics.

The lyrics she wrote are “Sky, wind and stars. In the arms of my mother, whom I miss very much”, “Can I see you again now?” They revealed the feelings of many Koko Sunyi who had to leave their families and hometowns behind.

Just like the title of the song “Don’t Forget Me”, which was used as the ending song through the movie, the production team asked viewers to confirm the reason for remembering the pain and history, which are still in progress.

Voice actress Park Ji-yoon, who played Anna in the movie “Frozen” as well as the emotional cell in the drama “Yumi’s Cells”, also participated in the narration.

Lee Hyo-ri once said that she was inspired by reading articles about comfort women while writing the lyrics for the song “Diamond” from her 6th full-length album in 2017.

“Diamond”, a duet with singer Lee Juck, consists of reciting lyrics about the departed person, such as “You suffered a lot” and “Go peacefully“.

Lee Hyo-ri confessed, “I wanted to be a warm comfort not only to comfort women but also to those who died helplessly in the face of power.”

Meanwhile, ahead of its release, “KOKO SunYi” invited grandmothers who were “Japanese Military Sexual Slavery” victims to hold a preview at the Traditional Culture and Arts Performance Hall of the Korean Buddhist History and Culture Memorial Hall on August 11th.

Source: daum

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