EXO Fans Send Protest Truck Demanding a Six-Member Lineup without Chen and Chanyeol

Part of EXO fans want Chen and Chanyeol to withdraw from the group.

Fans of EXO have taken to the streets in protest since the morning of May 26 (KST) as they demand the departure of two members, Chen and Chanyeol

These fans believe that EXO should continue its activities with a lineup of only six members: Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, D.O., Kai and Sehun. They sent a truck adorned with banners in front of SM Entertainment’s headquarters. 

Their message on the truck reads: “Chen and Chanyeol who caused damage to EXO, withdraw and stop deceiving fans. Chen and Chanyeol out. Maintain the EXO 6-member lineup, ensure their activities, protect the artists, SM stop being a bystander anymore.”

Previously, Chen announced in 2020 that he had a girlfriend and was expecting a child before getting married. Fans were disappointed with his sudden marriage and premarital pregnancy news. Within the EXO fandom at the time, various methods such as hashtag trends on Twitter and bus advertisements were used to demand Chen to leave EXO.

SM Entertainment responded, “Before officially announcing Chen’s marriage, we had discussions with all EXO members, and as they have experienced the pain of member leaving in the past, they expressed their desire to continue together without any changes.”

Chen got married to a non-celebrity girlfriend in 2020 and has two kids within two years. He is currently juggling his activities with EXO and solo work after completing his military service in April last year. Unlike other EXO members, Chen does not have personal social media or community platforms to communicate with fans.

Chanyeol was embroiled in personal life controversies following the disclosure by a person claiming to be his ex-girlfriend, A. According to A’s claims, Chanyeol maintained inappropriate relationships with 10 other women while dating A. Neither the agency nor Chanyeol made any official statements regarding these allegations.

Afterward, Chanyeol ceased communication with fans and began active military service in March 2021. In the same year, in May, SM Entertainment stated, “We have filed a lawsuit against those who spread false information regarding Chanyeol and have handed over the case to the prosecution according to the police’s recommendation.” They proceeded with legal actions.

Source: Nate.

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