BTS Jungkook “I received complaints from neighbors for being noisy…I can’t sing loudly from now on”

BTS Jungkook delivered disappointing news.

On May 25th, Jungkook conducted a live broadcast through the fan community platform Weverse. In recent months, Jungkook communicated with fandom ARMY by turning on live broadcasts at dawn.


In particular, Jungkook communicated musically by sharing his favorite songs, receiving requests from fans and singing them live on the spot.

Fans liked it, saying it was like a free concert. They also joked about how neighbors would feel when they heard him sing at the top of his voice late at night.

Jungkook, who appeared with a karaoke microphone on this day, confessed that he could no longer sing loudly because of complaints from neighbors. Jungkook once again apologized to the neighbors and lowered the volume of the microphone.

jung kook

Jungkook selected Fifty Fifty’s “Cupid”. Jungkook sang carefully in consideration of his neighbors. Fans cheered, saying it even sounded sweeter.

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s group BTS began fulfilling their military service, starting with Jin and J-Hope. The agency Big Hit Entertainment said, “BTS’ full-group activities are expected to be resumed around 2025.” The remaining members are focusing on individual activities.

Source: Naver

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