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“Do you dislike men?”…Sandara Park’s ‘shocking’ reply caught attention

Sandara Park revealed that she misunderstood Tak Jae Hoon’s “No Back Tak Jae Hoon”.

On May 25th, Sandara Park, a representative “small eater” in the entertainment industry, met Tak Jae Hoon on the web entertainment show “No Back Tak Jae Hoon”.

Tak Jae Hoon asked Sandara Park, who said she decided not to get married, “Why aren’t you getting married? Do you dislike men?


Sandara Park replied, “It’s not like that. I want to stay single. There are too many people around me who have failed (at marriage).”

When Tak Jae Hoon asked “Who’s the closest to you?“, Sandara Park made everyone burst into laughter by pointing out Tak Jae Hoon, “He’s in front of me.”

Source: Daum

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