Lee Hyo Ri gives warm advice to junior singer Hwasa, “Do it well. People will remember your songs”

“Dancing Queens on the Road” Lee Hyo Ri delivered warm advice to Hwasa as a senior in the music industry.

tvN’s program “Dancing Queens on the Road”, which aired the first episode on May 25th, showed Lee Hyo Ri, as a leader, teaming up with Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, BoA, and Hwasa.

During their first meeting in March, Lee Hyo Ri chose an unfamiliar song from 1992 for Hwasa, who was born in 1995. Mentioning ZAM’s “I Don’t Stop”, Lee Hyo Ri expressed her anticipation, saying “It’s like our theme song. We can’t forget this. We can’t stop it”, adding “I’ve been struggling to find the MR”. Uhm Jung Hwa added, “I can’t find the MR either”.


The whole team then agreed to continue changing their songs and singing them freely according to each person’s preference. Hwasa then shared a memory she had with BoA’s song “My Name” during her school day. The members applauded enthusiastically as Hwasa perfectly performed “My Name” and Lee Hyo Ri’s “Hey, Mr. BIG”.

Seeing that, Uhm Jung Hwa confessed, “I want to look sexy again. I’m curious about sexy BoA”. In response, BoA awkwardly said, “I’ll be 40 in two days. I’m not sexy anymore”. Lee Hyo Ri commented, “Everyone has sexiness, BoA just doesn’t realize it”.

A few days later, the members gathered again. Since they had not been on stage for a long time, all of them were very nervous. At that time. Lee Hyo Ri was surprised to find out that BoA held a concert the previous day, saying “I searched for her concert and found fans’ comments, such as ‘Thank you for being part of my youth’”. BoA shared, “Thinking of it, I always had you when I was active. We could be part of someone’s youth”.


Lee Hyo Ri then mentioned her junior Hwasa, who is currently active in the music industry, saying, “Do it well, Hwasa. People will remember your songs”, adding, “Now that I’m getting older, people become more generous. I’m grateful for everything. It would be better if I could be even more beautiful, but now they thank me just for singing.”

Lee Hyo Ri continued, “Even if I dress provocatively, people would forgive that because I would always look kind in their eyes”. She mentioned Hwasa’s interactions with fans on social media, saying, “Hwasa already has the kindness to take care of her fans”. Hwasa smiled and responded, “There’s nothing I don’t know. I know everything”, drawing laughter. 


Meanwhile. Hwasa was recently embroiled in controversy over her 19+ gesture during a performance at a university festival. During the stage of “Don’t Give”, she put her hand on the sensitive body part. Some criticized the female singer for bringing a provocative performance to a university festival, while others believed that it was just a performance, leading to an online debate.

Source: Daum

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