Sunny (SNSD) shocking TV audience by pulling papers from her bra

“Even Sunny use extra papers. Imagine Sooyoung and Yoona..” – a netizen commented.

Although Girls’ Generation never officially pursued mature concept, it is almost a fact to SONEs and K-pop audience that Sunny has the largest breasts among the members. Despite her short height, Sunny’s attractive breasts never failed to awe fans.
Girls’ Generation is a ‘wall’ in K-pop, whatever meaning you’re thinking of.
Known as a ‘wall’ in K-pop, both literally and figuratively, more than half of Girls’ Generation’s members including Taeyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri have modest breast measures, while Seohyun, Hyoyeon and Tiffany’s are better but still not on par with other girl idols’, Sunny emerges as their saviour in terms of glamour.
It’s all thanks to Sunny.
Yet, her few minutes’ loss of control on a variety show has turned her into a betrayer against her 7 sisters and thousands of SONEs all around the world, as she exposed herself on her own will. Dressed in a ballroom gown showing her attractive cleavage, Sunny still did not hesitate to shatter her image. Although she even fell flat on her face and spitted rice on TV, but nothing compared to her pulling a roll of paper out of her bra to everyone’s complete surprise.
You think that’s all Sunny did?… …until you see her pull papers out of her bra in front of so many people.
At that moment, the pride of SONEs and the 7 members was completely flushed down on TV. It turns out that everything was a lie. And will Girls’ Generation be forever known as ‘walls’?
Fortunately, Sunny’s enthusiasm garnered positive comments. K-netizens said: “Our Lee Soonkyu is back”, “Girls’ Generation has reached the level at which they don’t even need to pull an image on TV shows”, “Sunny is the only SM idol that dares talk back at staffs”, “Sunny is always loveable”. Of course, they did not forget to ‘mock’ Yoona and Sooyoung, leaving SONEs speechless in a funny way: “I bet in Girls’ Generation, only Sunny can do that. I can’t imagine Yoona and Sooyoung.”
Now that Sunny’s giving her all out on TV Shows is no novelty to SONEs, how about forgiving her for this little cute ‘accident’? In the end, Girls’ Generation did not become so loved by a perfect image, didn’t they?

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