Ji Min – Jung Kook (BTS) reached the top trending thanks to their beautiful dance performance

BTS’s monumental stage at MMA became the focus, in which the highlight was Ji Min and Jung Kook’s performance.

Melon Music Awards 2020 just took place on the evening of December 5 with the participation of groups and artists such as BTS, Oh My Girl, IZONE, Monsta X, The Boyz, TXT, Lim Young Woong …  The stage at the awards ceremony, the spectacular performance of BTS became the focus of Kpop fans’ attention.  BTS performed a series of hits in 2020 such as Black Swan, ON, Life Goes On and Dynamite … The 7 boys received many compliments for their performance skills, beautiful choreography and super majestic stage.

During BTS’s performance, the couple-dance video of Ji Min – Jung Kook made Army “crazy”.  This is the opening dance of the song Black Swan, with the concept of a forest, a magical, magical sky like a “fairy”.  The two boys of BTS wore white outfits, showing the dance that was both elegant and powerful like a swan.  

Fans praised the beautiful dance moves and their harmonious combination.  Besides hashtags about MMA and BTS, the keyword “JiKook” is on the top Tưitter global trending with more than 190,000 tweets.

Another member of BTS is also on top trending thanks to the attractive performance – J-Hope.  During the dance break at the Dynamite stage, J-Hope surprised the audience with the graceful disco dances.  The costume, hat accessories, and dancing style of the male idol born in 1994 reminded many people of Michael Jackson.  As the center, J-Hope showed off his dancing skills and charismatic charisma that made the fan girl “heart attack”.

BTS won 6 awards, including 3 Daesang awards: “Artist of the Year”, “Song of the Year” and “Album of the Year”.

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