Whose beauty in BLACKPINK has changed the most since debut?

After 5 years of popularity, BLACKPINK members have constantly changed their hair color and beauty.

Debuting in 2016, BLACKPINK gradually became the top Korean girl group with the uniform beauty of the members. At the time of their debut, the quartet was in their twenties, the style was still quite “alum”, the makeup and dress were not appropriate. After 5 years, BLACKPINK became the leading girl group in the fashion field. The four beauties all promoted beauty, promoted many fashion trends and made beauty into a trend.

Since her debut, Lisa has been praised as a “living doll” because of her chubby face, big round eyes, and pretty lines. Oriented to personality style, the Thai idol has become more and more rebellious and sharp over time.

At the beginning of her debut, Rosé’s visual was not outstanding compared to other members. Not knowing how to apply makeup and choose the right hairstyle, Rosé could not exalted her feminine beauty. Over the years, the female idol actively renews her appearance, constantly changing her hair color, so she can choose the right hairstyle, especially the current straight blonde.

Jennie transforms like a “chameleon” year by year.  Dubbed the “luxury idol” of the group, Jennie still holds this title when constantly experimenting with new styles. Over time, the female idol has become more and more interested in Western-style makeup and hairdo. However, netizens think that Jennie’s beauty when she first debuted was sweet, more suitable for her than the current sexy style.

JiSoo has been diligently experimenting with many hair colors and makeup methods since debut until now. At first, the female idol could not highlight her outstanding beauty because the makeup was not suitable.  Currently, with mysterious smokey makeup, JiSoo deserves to be one of the “goddess” of Kpop.

In your opinion, who is the Black Pink member with the best beauty over time?

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