Han So-hee’s honest confession about appearance, “I actually have many inferiority complexes about my face”

Actress Han So-hee talked about herself and her values while giving advice on concerns.

A video titled, “Welcome! This is your first time at Han So-hee’s W Counseling Center, right? Wake up! I have something to tell you, who are delaying what you have to do” has been released on the YouTube channel ‘W KOREA‘ on March 25.

The released video showed Han So-hee giving advice on different concerns. When asked about her favorite cartoon character, Han So-hee said, “I really like Mike Wazowski in ‘Monsters, Inc’ and Spongebob.”

han so hee

Answering the concern of a person who is not confident in herself, the actress said, “The most important thing is not to be nervous when standing in front of cameras. Although I always hear this while filming with seniors, I always got nervous. If you consider nervousness as something obvious, you will feel less nervous. If you think ‘I’m the best’, you can feel less nervous”.

In addition, Han So-hee also said that she was not confident about her appearance. She shared, “I think I would get criticized, but I have many inferiority complexes about my face. I’m doing a job that makes me supplements for my complex, so I tend to hide those things and doesn’t show them. Appearance should not be a measure of self-esteem”.

han so hee

“I think that if you focus too much on your appearance as you get older, your inner self will eventually collapse. I try to spend more time with things that can fill my inner heart. I think appearance is actually just a shell. I think it’s beautiful as it is now.”

Han So-hee talked about a way of controlling negative emotions, “I think you need negative emotions to actually feel when happiness or positive emotions come. In my case, I go outside to do other things or watch movies to forget. One way is to feel negative emotions completely (and then forget about it).”

han so hee

Finally, Han So-hee said, “I didn’t have much experience in life, so I was worried if it (my advice) would help. What I said is not the right answer. I hope it will help you. Don’t blame yourself too much and don’t be depressed even if you don’t know what to do when your world is struggling.”

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