Han So Hee officially became the global ambassador of Balenciaga

The news that Han So Hee became the global ambassador of Balenciaga was published in the Korean newspaper W.

Before turning to acting, Han So Hee once worked as a model but did not leave much of an impression. Han So Hee‘s career only rose up after the success of a series of works such as The World of the Married, Nevertheless, My Name, etc. Following the trend of many current artists, Han So Hee also attempts in the fashion field. And it didn’t take long for her to reap her first achievement in this field as Balenciaga’s Global Ambassador.

A few hours ago, the Korean newspaper W published the photos featuring Han So Hee for its April issue and called her the Balenciaga Global Ambassador. Announcing the status of ambassadors of brands through press publications has long been no stranger to fans. Recently, Yoona was also introduced by the Korean W newspaper as the Ambassador of Miu Miu, shortly after that the Italian brand also posted an image confirming the information. 

Some pictures of Han So Hee in the April issue of W Han. The unique and special costumes can’t make it difficult for the actress. She has both a photogenic face and an appropriate height, so many believe that she will achieve even further in the future.

Besides fashion, Han So Hee of the present also makes a strong impression in the field of beauty. In 2021, Han So Hee became the first Korean muse of the famous cosmetic brand Charlotte Tilbury.

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