A world-class pop singer reposts MAMAMOO Hwasa’s cover on his Facebook and here’s how she reacted 

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa appeared on Post Malone’s Facebook. 

American singer-songwriter Post Malone shared a video of MAMAMOO’s Hwasa on his Facebook three days ago. It’s the video of Hwasa covering Post Malone’s song ‘I Like You’ which she posted on July 23. Post Malone even expressed his gratitude to Hwasa in Korean, saying, “Thank you for the cool video, Hwasa.”

post malone

Hwasa was also surprised by Post Malone’s post. She revealed her surprising reaction through Instagram. In a conversation she had with an acquaintance, Hwasa said, “Oh my God. Is this really Post Malone?? Then I am a successful fan.”

post malone hwasa

Post Malone made his name widely known around the world when he participated in an album by American hip-hop artist Kanye West at the same time as his debut. His debut single album ‘White Iverson’, ranked No.14 on the US Billboard chart.

post malone hwasa

In addition, several songs from his 3rd full-length album ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ in 2019 topped the Billboard chart, giving him the nickname ‘Billboard Master’. The album also peaked at number one in the US album sales. Post Malone’s husky tone and addictive voice captured the hearts of listeners. He’s also known for smash hits namely ‘Rockstar’, ‘Psycho’, ‘Circles’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Sunflower’, ‘Go flex’, ‘One Right Now’. 

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO Hwasa last made a comeback by releasing the single album ‘Somebody’ in collaboration with rapper Loco on July 26th. 

Source: wikitree

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