“She must have lots of money but she still waited in line”… aespa’s Winter was recently spotted at Lotte World 

A netizen met Winter at Lotte World a few days ago.

An article titled “Winter went to Lotte World on the 1st” was recently posted on various online communities.

aespa winter

The netizen who posted the article said, “Looks like Winter went there with her friend. I was waiting to play the ride and suddenly saw her standing in front of me so I carefully wrote ‘Are you Winter?’ on a memo note and showed it to her”, adding “She smiled and said ‘yes’. She even signed for me”.

aespa winter

Winter in the released photos wore comfortable clothes and she was standing in a line waiting to play the ride. Although she covered her face with a hat and a mask, her idol aura could not be hidden.

aespa winter

In response to the story, netizens commented, “I’m shocked that she waited in line for 3 hours”, “I was waiting in a line at Lotte World and saw Winter”, “Although she had lots of money, she didn’t use the ‘magic pass’ and waited for 3 hours”, etc. 

Source: Wikitree

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