Kim Yoo-jung And Song Kang’s Explosive Chemistry Is What Made “My Demon” Globally Successful

My Demon” is a fantasy romantic comedy about confident chaebol heiress Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) and demon Jung Gu-won (Song Kang) who lost his ability.

Even before the first broadcast, fans had had high expectations Kim Yoo-jung and Song Kang’s romance in the drama. Their top-notch visuals stimulated the excitement of the fans.

my demon

“My Demon” was developed on the subject of contract marriage, but since then, it has been getting more fun as a full-fledged love line between the two continues. The cross tattoo, which was transferred to Do-hee, returned to Gu-won, and their fight against the inevitable “fate” took a new turn. Questions are rising about how the story will develop among the numerous variables.

“My Demon” is drawing attention as it proves its popularity on Netflix, although the ratings remain at 3-4% due to competition with the drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.”

“My Demon” ranked first for the third consecutive week in December of TV and TV-OTT category announced by FUNdex, the official platform of Good Data Corporation. Kim Yoo-jung also ranked 2nd and Song Kang ranked 1st for actor rankings for three consecutive weeks. The drama also ranked second in Netflix’s global TOP10 TV category (non-English/December 18th to December 24th).

Source: Xsports News

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