Actor Park Ji Hoon challenges action acting for the first time through Wavve’s original series “Weak Hero”.

Park Ji Hoon is trying to transform his image by taking on action acting challenges with Wavve’s “Week Hero”.

Three still cuts of Park Ji Hoon, who gained recognition from the production team for his acting completeness, have recently been unveiled and drew keen attention.

Wavve’s original series “Weak Hero” is a strong action and coming-of-age drama depicting the process of weak boy Yeon Si Eun, who is the top 1% model student at school, confronting numerous bullies together with his new friends Su Ho and Beom Seok.

park ji hoon weak hero class 1

Park Ji Hoon plays Yeon Si Eun and portrays the story of a model student, who was not interested in anything other than studying, growing while strategically confronting violence using his gifted brain and surroundings and becoming a weak hero.

Regarding the character Si Eun, Park Ji Hoon said, “He’s calm and can stay focused in every situation. He lives in his own style at this jungle-like school”.

park ji hoon weak hero class 1

Revealing that this character requires action acting, Park Ji Hoon shared, “Si Eun has never learned to fight. Therefore, he uses his brain to think of strategies, and takes advantage of objects and tools in the surroundings instead of his body”. The second teaser video released on November 7th also shows a scene in which he uses pots to take the lead in the battle while being surrounded by bullies on the left and right. 

park ji hoon weak hero class 1

Through the still cuts unveiled on November 8th, the scenes of Si Eun surviving at school using various tools can also be seen. Holding objects in his hands, Si Eun maximizes the tension by showing his angry appearance with a cold face.

The reason why Si Eun, an outcast at school who has been maintaining his grades at Top 1% without being swayed by any stimulus, starts engaging in fights and the process of him growing strongly are the most anticipated viewing points for “Weak Hero”.

park ji hoon weak hero class 1

To portray Si Eun more perfectly, Park Ji Hoon took on his first action acting challenge and prepared a lot with the determination to make Si Eun’s action performance extraordinary. The actor shared, “I went to an action school to learn action acting a few months before the shooting began and coordinated with martial arts directors and martial arts team seniors. I practiced hard thinking of not only performing action scenes but also collaborating with other actors”. He continued, “I tried to relax and be as natural as possible when doing action scenes. Rehearsing many times is the know-how in action acting”. “Weak Hero” arouse fans’ curiosity as they claimed to present a new action acting that requires tools, not the fights that have been seen a lot in other action films.

park ji hoon weak hero class 1

Wavve said, “Actor Park Ji-hoon activated his ‘Yeon Si Eun’ mode. Park Ji Hoon’s transformation into a high school boy who tries his best to confront unreasonable violence and changes himself to survive at school drew admiration from the staff on the set. Action still cuts have been released today (November 8th), and you will be able to see more dynamic and intense action scenes through videos. Please look forward to the drama.”

“Weak Hero” will be exclusively released on Wavve on November 18th.

Source: Insight

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