Kim Jong-kook was shocked by Jang Hyuk’s answer to his question “Do you have time to work out after getting married?”

Kim Jong-kook was attacked by facts about marriage life.

The broadcast of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” to be aired at 9:05 P.M on February 27th will reveal Kim Jong-kook and Jang Hyuk’s chemistry at Hong Kyung-min’s housewarming party and Tak Jae-hoon’s crazy day visiting Lee Sang-min’s house for the 5th time.

My Little Old Boy

Kim Jong-kook drew attention as he visited Hong Kyung-min’s house with Jang Hyuk, who has been his close friend for 25 years. Kim Jong-kook, the only member of the “Dragon Club” (group of friends who were born in the year of the dragon), told his married friends, “Answer this in one second only. Should I get married?”. Kim Jong-kook’s friends were all shocked at his unexpected request for consultation. As a result, the two gave opposite answers, drawing laughter.

My Little Old Boy

Kim Jong-kook then confessed his worries and seriously asked, “Do you have time to work out after getting married?”. “You won’t be treated as a person if you just go to do exercise while raising children”, “I have to finish it quickly. That’s why I have pleurisy”,  Jang Hyuk and Hong Kyung-min gave some cool tips and also “attackedKim Jong-kook with facts, showing their unrivaled “real chemistry”.

My Little Old Boy

Meanwhile, Tak Jae-hoon visited Lee Sang-min’s fifth house, raising expectations. “I want to plant trees in the yard of my new house”, Sang-min began doing some gardening with Jae-hoon. However, Jae-hoon dug into the frozen ground so he eventually burst into anger and threw the shovel, making everyone laugh.

After a while, the “true reason” why Sang-min wanted to plant trees was revealed, making Tak Jae-hoon feel sad. The viewers are curious about Sang-min’s real thoughts.


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