A late Korean male singer’s performance recreated by AI touches fans’ hearts 

His appearance on stage looks so real that it brought people to tears. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an advanced technology that is strongly developed and used in the current age. It is applied in facial recognition, speech processing, crowd estimation techniques, security, privacy, and legal or government systems.

In developed countries, AI is being integrated into daily life with various supporting purposes. Recently, in the show ALIVE, AI has recreated the on-stage appearance of the late male singer Im Youn Taek a member of Ulala Session, making many viewers, including his own mother and wife, emotional.

Im Youn Taek’s appearance thanks to AI is extremely touching. The video quickly went viral on TikTok

Male singer Im Youn Taek passed away after years of fighting terminal stomach cancer. He passed away in 2013 leaving behind his fans as well as family, friends, and other members of the group.

im yoon taek

It is known that Im Youn Taek is the first singer selected to be recreated by AI technology in this show series. The images of him appearing on stage were so realistic that many fans felt like they were witnessing him once again.

im yoon taek
im yoon taek's mom
The male singer’s mother was also present in this show

The departure of a talented artist is a great regret for fans. Many netizens expressed their regret and hope to see Sulli (Fx), Jonghyun (SHINee), Goo Hara … on stage again thanks to this show.

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