WINNER’s Jin-woo talked about depending on alcohol to cope with his grandmother’s passing away

WINNER’s Kim Jin-woo said he had a hard time after his grandmother passed away.

WINNER’s Kim Jin-woo confessed his worries on the latest episode of Channel A’s variety program “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center,” which aired on the night of March 25th.

In the broadcast that day, Kim Jin-woo said, “I’ve had a hard time recently. Since then, I think it’s hard to keep my mentality,” he said, informing the members that he couldn’t tell them.

kim jin woo

He said, “My grandmother passed away recently. We stayed together since I was young until I came to Seoul. I didn’t even tell the members that she passed away.” He added, “It was hard to tell the members. I tend to rely more on alcohol.”

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