“Visual queen” IVE’s Wonyoung stuns in “LOVE DIVE” teaser as netizens realize how much she has matured since “Produce 48”

From a 14-year-old trainee to a 4th gen’s top visual, IVE’s Wonyoung grew up to be more and more gorgeous. 

Appearing in public for the first time in 2018 when participating in Mnet’s survival show “Produce 48”, 14-year-old Jang Wonyoung immediately drew much attention for her radiant, refreshing, and lovely appearance. 

With an outstanding height, innocent visuals, and charming sides, Wonyoung excellently became the winner of “Produce 48” and debuted as the center of IZ*ONE.

jang wonyoung
Wonyoung’s profile picture for Produce 48
jang wonyoung
Wonyoung’s pure and radiant beauty garnered a lot of attention
jang wonyoung
She ended up winning 1st place and became the center of IZ*ONE

During her IZ*ONE days, Wonyoung continued to receive love from fans and netizens. Her visuals blossomed and made her stand out even more after she debuted. 

Wonyoung never failed to attract attention with her visuals when she was active as an IZ*ONE member
She grew up and became even prettier day by day 
Wonyoung has always been considered one of the most eye-catching visuals 

At the end of 2021, Wonyoung debuted for the second time in IVE, one of the most successful rookie girl groups at the moment. Wonyoung is also listed among the top female visuals of K-Pop 4th generation.  

Wonyoung made her 2nd debut in IVE
IVE is one of the rookies with the most music show wins for a debut song
IVE is achieving much success just a few months into their debut 

Recently, Wonyoung once again created a buzz with her visuals in the promotion video and concept photos for IVE’s first-ever comeback with 2nd single album “LOVE DIVE”. She surprised fans and netizens as they noticed how much she has matured since her trainee days. 

Transforming into an elite high school girl from the 90s, wearing a sparkly dress and a dynamic baseball cap, Wonyoung captures viewers’ hearts with the luxury and chic vibes she radiates. 

ive wonyoung
ive wonyoung
Wonyoung looks like a queen bee 
ive wonyoung
Her captivating visuals in the new trailer of IVE make fans fall in love 

Wonyoung in the concept photos wearing a tiara and a preppy school uniform also became a hot topic. From clothes, makeup, hairstyle to haughty and confident expressions, she transforms into a powerful and attractive “campus queen”. 

Jang Wonyoung
Wonyoung’s high-teen concept photos are drawing praises 
jang wonyoung
She looks like an upper-class high school girl 

From a 14-year-old trainee with innocent and cute visuals, Wonyoung has grown up to be a visual queen of the new generation, serving sophisticated beauty and a trademark princess-like charm.

Jang Wonyoung-Bvlgari
Wonyoung is getting more mature

Wonyoung’s noticeable growth and impeccable visuals stun fans and netizens: 

  • How can someone be so beautiful? Wonyoung is unreal.
  • She’s a real princess.
  • She has grown up so much. She looks so pretty.
  • She suits this concept so well
  • Wonyoung in a high-teen concept is crazy. IVE, let’s hit big
  • Wonyoung can’t be a human 

IVE is said to fit the preppy high-teen concept like a glove because most of the members are in middle and high school, typically maknae Leeseo is only 14 years old. IVE will return on April 5 with “LOVE DIVE”, so let’s look forward to their comeback!


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