Hyun Bin to spend time with wife Son Ye Jin and son until the Lunar New Year ahead of overseas schedules

Hyun Bin will spend time with his family before filming overseas. 

Hyun Bin will be able to spend time with his son and wife in Korea until next year’s Lunar New Year holidays. This is because his next movie, “Harbin”, will start filming overseas from January 25 next year.

As reported by OSEN on December 1st, director Woo Min Ho’s new film “Harbin”, in which Hyun Bin has been confirmed to play the lead, will start its filming in Latvia from January 25, 2023.  

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Director Woo Min Ho and the cast and crew will arrive in Latvia on January 25th according to the filming schedule and begin filming there.

Because the amount of overseas filming is different for each character, when the actors leave for Latvia and the length of their stay there will also be different. It means that they are not leaving together on January 20th, and they are not staying for the same period.


Hyun Bin and other main cast members such as Park Jung Min, Cho Woo Jin, Jeon Yeo Been, Yoo Jae Myung, and Park Hoon plan to leave Korea according to their personal schedules after spending the Lunar New Year holiday in Korea. Accordingly, Hyun Bin will stay with his wife Son Ye Jin, who just gave birth to their first son on November 27th, for nearly two months.

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“Harbin” is an espionage action film about independence fighters who risked their lives to regain their homeland of Korea, which was taken away from the Japanese Empire in Harbin in 1909.

Hyun Bin, who has once again emerged as a box office success guarantee through the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” released during the Chuseok holiday, is expected to show off his emotional acting and various action sequences in “Harbin”. 

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“Harbin,” which started filming on November 20th, has finished filming about 10% so far.

Source: Naver

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