G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon’s dating rumors aroused again, Big Bang’s fans are angry

Actor Lee Joo Yeon (32), a former member of After School, mistakenly uploaded a video of her with G-Dragon (30, Kwon Ji Yong) on Instagram and deleted it immediately after that, sparking another rumor of their romantic relationship. Big Bang fans expressed strong criticism for Lee Joo Yeon.

Online communities such as FMKorea and MBLPARK have posted the video clip of Lee Joo Yeon with G-Dragon shared on her social network service Instagram on May 31 and reported: “The video was accidentally uploaded to her account and then deleted.

The video shows Lee Joo Yeon and G-Dragon taking selfie videos together using an application. The deer filter is cute, but everyone paid attention to the way G-Dragon was looking at Lee Joo Yeon.

The netizens once again raised suspicions about their romantic relationship.

This is not the first time that Lee Joo Yeon uploaded a video of her with G-Dragon. In October 2017, she also uploaded a video clip with G-Dragon filmed by an application, which raised many rumors of their romantic relationship.

Lee Joo Yeon’s SNS Instagram account was criticized by some Big Bang’s fans. They say it is not a mistake, but an intended video upload.

A netizen (asdf**) said, “Why do you do this while the situation around G-Dragon is so sensitive? I can’t see the slightest hint of consideration. I’d rather you do a public relationship.” Another Internet user (fxz) wrote, “Are you posting this on purpose even though you know you’re going to be insulted?” and “Please think about others and many fans who are waiting for him. It’s your private life and it’s none of our business, but every post you share without thinking and then delete will break the fans’ hearts.” Another netizen (imji***) commented, “It’s the worst person he’s ever had a dating rumor with,” and “One time is a mistake, but now she uploads another video again. What is the intention of sharing a video that was taken a long time ago?” Not only domestic fans but also overseas fans are getting angry.

Sources: Nate

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