It is pointed out that “Nth Room case” criminal Cho Joo-bin wrote his letters of apology as if he were a victim

Cho Joo-bin is a sex offender who was sentenced to 42 years in prison for producing and distributing sexually exploitative videos in the so-called “Nth Room case”.

jo joo bin

It is said that Cho Joo-bin destroyed the lives of numerous women, but he did not seem to acknowledge his faults.

On February 27th, tvN’s “Crime Trivia 2” talked about the apology of Cho Joo-bin, who was sentenced to 42 years in prison.

During the broadcast, criminal psychologist Park Ji-sun appeared and talked about “apology letters with no sense of self-reflection” together with Yoon Jong-shin, Kwon Il-yong, Kim Sang-wook, Jang Kang-myung, and Seo Hye-jin.

jo joo bin

Mentioning “sincere reflection” as a reason for reducing the sentence in many crimes, lawyer Seo Ji-hye pointed out, “What the victims are upset about is that the perpetrators have never apologized to them”, adding, “They should have apologized to the victims, but it has turned out that they were only apologizing to the judges and the courts”.

In the process, Cho Joo-bin reportedly submitted more than 100 letters of apology during the trial.

When Yoon Jong-shin said, “Cho Joo-bin had a controversy over running the blog in prison”, Kim Sang-wook replied, “He posted a statement of grounds of the final civil appeal and letters of apology on the blog. He was in prison, so his father operated it instead. The contents were written as if he was repenting for his sins.”

jo joo bin

He then criticized, “However, when the ruling came out, his manner of speaking changed. He posted that the victim’s testimony was wrong. The blog is now inactive. I think letters of apology were used as a tool to reduce the sentence of judgment, not for the meaning of reflection.”

Regarding this, Seo Hye-jin provoked anger by saying, “Letters of apology don’t mean reflection. The judge also pointed out. He didn’t reflect on himself and submitted them as if he were a victim.”

Meanwhile, “Crime Trivia 2” airs every Sunday at 10:50 PM.

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