‘Girls Planet 999’ fails to achieve high ratings like other Kpop survival shows: Is it because of the contestants or the show itself?

With the current ratings, many netizens are starting to worry that the final lineup of Girls Planet 999 will probably end up in a similar situation to fromis_9.

In the latest episode broadcast on October 8, “Girls Planet 999” brought viewers all 4 stages in the Creation Mission round, where the contestants performed completely new songs for the first time. The results of this mission was also announced, and “U+Me=LOVE” is the only team to receive the advantage of doubling votes within 24 hours before voting ends.

Creation Mission is a very important mission to determine the 18 contestants who will enter the show’s finale. Therefore, this round received special attention from fans before episode 10 officially aired. But contrary to the excitement of international fans, the Korean viewers didn’t give much attention to this exciting mission. This is proved by the rating of Girls Planet 999’s latest episode, which suddenly dropped to only 0.592% after the stable ratings of 0.7% – 0.8% for many consecutive weeks.

Girls Platnet 999

Many people pointed out that the low ratings of “Girls Planet 999” broke a common rule of idol survival shows in Kpop. Usually with these types of shows, the episodes that broadcast the official stages always record the highest rating. However, as for “Girls Planet 999”, the broadcast of the Creation Mission with new stages caused the show’s rating to suddenly decline to the lowest level since episode 2.

Explaining the sudden drop in the rating of “Girls Planet 999” in the latest episode, Korean netizens think that the show itself is too boring and completely unable to overcome the popularity of “Street Woman Fighter”. Additionally, some netizens believe that the fact that there are too many foreign contestants on the show is the reason why Koreans are not very interested in “Girls Planet 999”, especially when the Chinese and Japanese trainees are becoming more dominant in the important positions as they get closer to the finale, while many outstanding Korean trainees were somehow eliminated in the early stages of the show.

  • This show’s ratings might even be lower to ‘Idol School’…
  • First of all, the show is so boring. I watched a few episodes and had to quit
  • In Korea, this show is completely overshadowed by ‘Street Woman Fighter’ in terms of popularity… I can only see people talking about ‘Street Woman Fighter‘ on SNS
  • There’s obviously no reason to watch a show where there are more foreign contestants than Koreans ㅋㅋㅋ
  • I watched it but gave up halfway, simply because the show is boring… Contestants have no charm, Korean trainees are better but the voting system is too weird, people who don’t have any popularity bounced back and forth at the top while a bunch of Korean trainees who were both pretty and talented were eliminated. There’s no reason to watch any more.
  • Episode 9 aired last week was the worst. It was so bland. Not to mention the show only gets rid of Korean contestants, many really talented girls were eliminated ㅠㅠㅜ

What do you think is the reason why the latest episode of “Girls Planet 999” was completely ignored by the Korean viewers?

Source: Tinnhac

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