Han So-hee, who recently had an eye injury, released some meaningful paintings that made fans worry about her condition

Actress Han So-hee (real name Lee So-hee, 27 years old) updated her SNS while recovering from her eye injury.

Han So-hee posted several paintings on her Instagram account on August 10th with no special caption. It is hard to confirm whose work they are since there is no separate explanation for each painting.

The paintings were expressed in a unique way, making it hard for netizens and fans to interpret them. The paintings show a person lying down, the silhouette of an exposed woman’s body, a person with red color around his eyes, and two people tangled up with one person’s arm putting through the other’s chest. 

In particular, the actress startled everyone with the painting reminiscent of a “tied puppy”.

Seeing these photos, fans expressed their worries about Han So-hee’s psychological status. They commented, “I wonder if she’s okay”, “The paintings are quite shocking to me. I’m worried about her”, “I can feel the pain through these pictures”, etc.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee was taken to the emergency room on August 3rd with an injury around her eyes during the filming of the drama “Gyeongseong Creature”. Her agency U-ATTO Entertainment said, “Fortunately, the injury is not serious. The actress is taking a rest and we will keep watching her recovery progress.”

Source: Wikitree

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