The legendary guitarist Tom Morello followed BTS Jungkook on Instagram

Rage Against the Machine (RATM)’s Tom Morello drew attention for following Jungkook’s personal Instagram account.

bts jungkook

Recently, legendary American guitarist and social activist Tom Morello followed BTS Jungkook‘s Instagram account, drawing attention on SNS. 

Tom Morello follow BTS Jungkook instagram

In particular, Tom Morello drew more attention from fans because he only followed Jungkook among BTS members.

Tom Morello, who is called a genius guitarist from Harvard, is better known in Korea as a guitarist for Rage Against the Machine (RATM). Listed on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the world’s best guitarists, he was recognized not only for his guitar skills but also for his outstanding composing skills, and is also a Grammy Award-winning musician.

Fans excitingly left comments: ,“This combination is amazing, a legendary guitarist and a legendary idol main vocalist”, “Unexpectedly, the meeting of the best artists is cool”, etc

Tom Morello
BTS Jungkook

The attention of fans around the world was focused on this unexpected combination of Tom Morello, 57, the representative guitarist of rock and metal, who dominated the 1990s, and Jungkook, the main vocalist of BTS, 24, who dominated the 2020s. Netizens hope there will be a collaboration between the two. 

Earlier, world-renowned choreographer Kyle Hanagami also followed Jungkook‘s personal Instagram account, drawing attention from fans around the world.

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