Some friends of Nana, a former member of After School, voiced concern over her slim body

Nana (former After School member) showed off her alarmingly thin body.

Nana posted a photo on her Instagram on August 14 with the caption: “Okay Okay.” In the photo released, the former After School member is posing in front of the mirror wearing crop-top knitwear and a knit skirt.

Nana attracted attention with her elegant beauty and thin body. Her slender figure, in particular, showed not just her ribs but also her spine, causing anxiety among fans in addition to their admiration.

A friend of her immediately left a comment, expressing concern for her health: “You are so skinny? You don’t eat, do you?”. Another commented: “Let’s go eat something delicious things.” The actress then simply replied: “Call me”. 

Meanwhile, Nana recently appeared in the web drama “Clone Man”, which premiered in June and is expected to meet fans with the upcoming film “Confession”.


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