Frustrating ending to Korean drama on infidelity: Eun Kang leads a happy life, Ba Da remains alone with no kids and other surprising conclusions to TV Chosun’s “Red Balloon” 

The questionable ending left viewers speechless. 

After a series of fighting and mind-blowing revelations, “Red Balloon” came to a conclusion on February 26th. The series is currently under heavy fire for its ending. 

Red Balloon

In the ending, the “villains” did not have to pay their prices but got to lead a happy life instead. Ba Da and Cha Won went to court for their divorce. Ba Da ended up losing custody of her only child to her husband. Nonetheless, Ba Da was ready to forgive everything and wanted to stay friends with him. After a year, she still worked in design but lived alone and even followed Eun Kang around. 

Red Balloon
Red Balloon

Eun Kang, on the contrary, successfully destroyed the happiness of her best friend and moved away to another place. She remained a teacher and reconnected with Cha Won after getting together with her sister Eun San. 

Red Balloon
Red Balloon

Eun San ended things completely with Nam Chul and recorded a short clip for him. Bidding his last goodbye to his lover, Nam Chul returned to the warm welcome of his family, wife and children. 

 “Red Balloon”’s finale left viewers frustrated. They criticized the writers for exhorting infidelity and letting the bad guys off the hook easily. 

Viewers’ comments: 

  • The husband must pay his price. 
  • Is it that easy to simply apologize after destroying other people’s lives? 
  • I wish I had never watched this series. 

Source: TV Chosun

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