Former idol and Mother of three Yul-hee surprised fans with this unexpected decision 

Although it is difficult enough to raise children, Yul-hee decided to go to university.

In KBS2’s “Mr. House Husband Season 2,” which aired on February 12th, Yul-hee revealed about her dreams of going to university.

laboum yulhee

In this episode, Yul-hee told her husband Choi Min-hwan, “Jae-yul’s new semester is coming, so shouldn’t I start studying a little as well? What do you think of me going to university at this time?”

In response, Choi Min-hwan wondered, “What are you going to do after studying at university?” In response, Yul-hee said, “I’ve never studied hard in my life,” and confessed, “When moms of Jae-yul’s friends meet me and ask ‘Which university did you go to?’ or ‘Which company did you work for ?’ I have no choice but to explain, ‘I just worked on stage (as an entertainer).”

Choi Min-hwan

Choi Min-hwan decided to support his wife Yul-hee‘s dream. Yul-hee visited a university entrance exam academy with her husband Choi Min-hwan and said, “My big dream is to study medicine. I’m also interested in the medical industry.”

However, Yul-hee became sullen as she heard detailed explanations such as the schedule and the cost of the entrance examination academy. When she thought about studying and going to university after a long time since she graduated from high school, the former idol showed no confidence, saying, “(Aren’t they) people who originally studied (for university)?”

laboum yulhee

Accordingly, the expert said, “Not at all. I hope you change your mind. If you really try, you won’t regret it later,” he said, instilling her hope.

Yul-hee said, “I thought I was late, but it was comforting to know there are cases like me. I wouldn’t regret it if I worked hard.” Her husband Choi Min-hwan also promised full support for Yul-heel’s dream.

laboum yulhee

Born in 1997, Laboum member Yul-hee married Choi Min-hwan, a member of the group FT Island, in 2018 and has one son and two daughters.

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