“The quality is getting worse”, controversy over BTS’s “Butter” official goods’ quality

The official merchandise of BTS has been embroiled in controversy over its quality.    

Weverse Shop, a global fan commerce platform, is selling the official goods of artists who are on Weverse, a social network service operated by BTS’s agency HYBE. Among BTS’s official goods sold at Weverse Shop, the “Butter” cassette is a cassette-designed goods based on BTS’s single album “Butter” which was released in May. The product was manufactured in the form of a cassette tape box containing the cover of the “Butter” album and a tape containing the track “Butter” in it. It is a product that can only be purchased at Weverse Shop.

bts merchandise

However, fans who received the product after purchasing the goods confirmed that there were defects, sparking controversy. They point out the problems such as color difference from the product image on the official website, and product quality. Also, some fans have ordered the goods since it was released in May, but they only received the delivery 5 months after that.

On the official product image, the goods consist of a vivid yellow tape box and  an ivory-color tape with a clear “Butter” logo printed. However, on the actual goods, the “Butter” logo is blurred on a white background as well as many other differences. In particular, the situation is actually more serious because there was no notice on the product detail page that the received products could be different from the promoting images.

bts merchandise

In response, fans said, “It’s completely different from the product image,” “The color and shape are completely different,” “The more I see it, the angrier I get,” and “Delivery trash to customers who have waited for months,” “I’m going to return it because I feel bad,” “I should ask for a refund,” “Did I get the wrong one?” “I feel completely scammed,” and “Why is the quality getting worse?”

Meanwhile, BTS recently held an online concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” on Oct 24th.


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