Seolhyun clarifies rumors about her struggle with otolithiasis, “It has never been like that”

Idol-actress Seolhyun has spoken up regarding rumors related to her struggle with otolithiasis, an ear problem that causes severe dizziness.

On April 6th, Seolhyun posted a picture on her personal Instagram Story along with the caption, “I won the Body Challenge Attendance Award, 3rd place.”

In the same story, the idol-actress added, “There are articles saying that I completed the body challenge after fighting an illness or that I suffered from otolithiasis due to a harsh diet, but it has never been like that”.


In the published photo, Seolhyun’s name is included in the attendance award and 3rd place among the body challenge winners, drawing attention.

On the other hand, back in July 2022, Seolhyun confessed that she has otolithiasis, and suggested that everyone with similar symptoms get themselves checked by otolaryngologists. 

Prior to this diagnosis, the idol-actress asked on Instagram, “Does anyone know what this is? The reality in front of me looks like a video call screen with disconnected Wi-Fi?”

Seolhyun Harper’s Bazaar

Otolithiasis is a health issue where the affected suffer from recurring symptoms of severe dizziness, as if the surroundings are spinning, lasting from a few seconds to a minute and then getting better on its own.

On the other hand, after parting ways with her former agency, FNC Entertainment, last year, Seolhyun signed an exclusive contract with Ieum Hashtag.

Source: Nate

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