“Fourth-generation Lisa”: BABYMONSTER Chiquita is expected to achieve global stardom, following the footsteps of her seniors 

YG is trying to create another global success with BABYMONSTER where Chiquita is a part of. 

Chiquita is the youngest member of BABYMONSTER. She was born in 2009 in Thailand. To the viewers, she bears a lot of resemblance to Lisa (BLACKPINK.) 


For starter, Chiquita and Lisa both share a similar image: bright hair color with bangs. They are known for their big smile and bubbly personality.

Chiquita was also “pushed” in the dancing department by YG. Fans speculated that she may take over the role of a main dancer in the future. Yang Hyun Suk, the group’s executive producer, also said affirmatively: “It’s very clear that Chiquita is a special kid. I really hope in the future, she’ll be popular just like LALISA and practice global influence.” 

yang hyun suk
Yang Hyun Suk expects global stardom from Chiquita. (Image: Pinterest)
Chiquita only went through a short training period. (Image: Pinterest) 

Chiquita herself also admired Lisa. In her introduction video, Chiquita got the chance to meet her favorite senior and received advice from her. 

She  also said she once wrote a letter to Lisa that read: “Lisa unnie, you’re my idol and someone who inspires me. I tell my mom everyday that I’m going to be like you one day.” 

Chiquita and Lisa got the chance to meet before debut. (Image: YouTube) 
Lisa gave dancing lessons to her juniors. (Image: YouTube) 

As the first foreign member to join YG and considering how far she has become, it is understand why Chiquita adored Lisa and wanted to be like her. Let’s hope one day Chiquita can stand side by side with her idol on stage. 

Source: yan

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