Apink Jung Eun-ji announced to stop using the fan communication platform Bubble to avoid stalkers

Jung Eun-ji (Apink) announced that she would stop using Bubble.

Apink Jung Eun-ji

On December 2nd, Jung Eun-ji made an announcement through the private message platform ‘Dear U Bubble’, saying, “I have an important thing to tell you today. In fact, I have been thinking a lot about using Bubble these days.”

Jung Eun-ji told fans, “I thought this was a comfortable place to connect with Pandas and those whom I believed were my people, so I have been trying hard to communicate a lot on this platform. However, I think some people are too interested in my daily life, unlike the intention of worrying about my health.”

She then said, “While other fans are staying behind the line, some people often crossed it and even came directly to specific places of my schedules. Because of that, I’m stressing out a lot. I think I won’t continue using Bubble anymore after December.”

Apink Jung Eun-ji Bubble

Earlier, Jung Eun-ji complained of suffering from damages caused by stalkers several times through her SNS.

In July, Jung Eun-ji posted on her SNS, saying, “There are many people who often come to my house these days. I hate this and my neighbors were also annoyed”, adding, “If you only care about your feelings, I don’t think I can respect you anymore.”

As the damages caused by stalking became more serious, Jung Eun-ji’s agency – Play M Entertainment, announced in August, saying, “Regarding Jung Eun-ji’s case, we have already filed a complaint against stalkers since March 2020 on charges of violating the Minor Offenses Law and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Data Protection, etc. through our legal representative.”

Meanwhile, Jung Eun-ji appeared in Tving’s original drama “Work Later, Drink Now” which has just ended recently.


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