A fan threw underwear on stage at BTS’ concert, how did the members react?

Netizens were taken aback by the daring action of a BTS fan at the group’s offline concert.

BTS is having a series of Permission To Dance On Stage concerts taking place in Los Angeles (USA). Because of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, this is the group’s first concert with a live audience in nearly two years, so every moment is precious to the lucky fans. On February 3, the last night of the concert also took place at SoFi Stadium.

BTS has ended the 4-day series of concerts in Los Angeles
BTS has ended the 4-day series of concerts in Los Angeles

An ironic moment happened at the last night of BTS‘ concert.  When J-hope, Jimin got closer to fans through trolleys, one fan boldly threw her underwear on stage.  More importantly, this colorful bra landed right at J-hope‘s feet.

Fan threw underwear and BTS react

Members of BTS turned a blind eye and went on with their show as if nothing had happened. Many fans couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing the video and thought that throwing underwear on stage was an inappropriate action:

  • Is it really a bra?
  • When idolizing someone, you need to carefully study the idol’s country’s culture.
  • Really weird, BTS are still Korean idols. 
  • Poor j-hope, it must be awkward.
  • This action is not appropriate in BTS’ concert, it’s even so impolite.
  • I know this kind of incident often happens with Western artists and BTS is also holding concerts in the US, but they’re still Asian anyway.
BTS Jimin, J-hope Permission To Dance On Stage
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