Wonder Girls’ Yubin and Sunye performed a duet in tears for the first time in 10 years

Yubin shed tears as she expressed affection for former Wonder Girls member Sunye.

Wonder Girls’ Yubin appeared as an open singer in the latest episode of MBN’s “Mystery Duet”, which aired on September 26th, and delivered a deeply moving stage.

“Mystery Duet” is a duet singing show in which two mystery singers complete a performance without knowing each other’s identities with a cylindrical wall in between. It is a music entertainment program in which the best celebrities in Korea communicate with each other by voice alone.

Yubin said when asked who she thought would appear as her partner in the mystery duet, “It could be someone who is meant to be, or someone who I know and knows me but we have never met. I can’t guess”, expressing her nervousness.

When asked what it would be like if a Wonder Girls member appeared, Yubin said, “I think I’ll burst out laughing when I see the members on stage. It’s unlikely that the members will come out.” She expressed curiosity about the identity of the mystery singer whom she is completely clueless about. 

Then, Yubin sang her mission song, god’s “Love and remember”, together with the mystery singer. After that, the veiled mystery singer was revealed to the audience first.


When the mystery singer who sang with Yubin turned out to be none other than Sunye, a former Wonder Girls member, the celebrity panel and the entire audience were in shock and startled by surprise.

At the end of the song’s first verse, the wall between the two went up. Yubin burst into laughter upon seeing Sunye, who shared a precious relationship with her for a long time. Yubin continued to sing in a trembling voice as she was unable to hide her overwhelming emotions.

Facing Yubin, Sunye also shed tears and could not easily continue the song. The image of two Wonder Girls’ members embracing each other while performing on stage made the scene into a sea of ​​moving tears.

In an interview after the stage, when asked what kind of existence they were to each other when they were promoting together as Wonder Girls, Yubin said, “Sunye was a big sister-like leader who led us from the center.”  In response, Sunye said, “Yubin was a cool member with a unique voice. She was like licorice in a drugstore that holds the team’s overall harmony.”


Thanks to the enthusiastic response from the audience, Yubin and Sunye performed Wonder Girls’ legendary hit songs one after another, including “Nobody,” “Tell Me,” and “So Hot.” Although this was their first time reuniting on stage in about 10 years, Yubin and Sunye showed amazing chemistry and once again proved the class of a “legendary girl group”.

The audience showed explosive responses and applause to Yubin and Sunye’s extraordinary chemistry, which is still alive even though many years have passed.


Finally, Yubin said to Sunye with tears in her eyes, “I missed seeing you dancing and singing on stage. I am so happy to be able to stand on stage together with you. Thank you.”

Sunye also told Yubin, “As time goes by, we are in our respective places, but I feel thankful that we can always look at each other with the same heart. Thank you so much for living well.” The two then shared a tight hug.

Source: Wikitree

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