Park Bo Young, cute “Concrete Utopia” married couple chemistry with “Naughty Park Seo Joon”

Actors Park Bo Young and Park Seo Joon boasted their “Concrete Utopia” married couple chemistry in a friendly atmosphere.

On August 20th, Park Bo Young released a photo taken with Park Seo Joon through Instagram story with the caption “Minseong and Myeonghwa during stage greeting“.

park bo young, park seo joon

The two played a married couple in the movie “Concrete Utopia” (directed by Um Tae Hwa), which is currently playing. With a solid storyline, actors’ passionate performances and philosophical messages unique to disaster works, it is achieving success with word of mouth from the audience.

In the photo, Park Bo Young and Park Seo Joon are looking at the camera and making humorous expressions. The chemistry between the two, who put their heads together and make cute expressions, attracted attention. In particular, Park Bo Young wrote “Naughty” next to Park Seo Joon, suggesting their friendly atmosphere.

park bo young, park seo joon

Meanwhile, “Concrete Utopia” is a disaster movie set in Seoul, which has turned into ruins due to a massive earthquake. The story begins as survivors gather in the last remaining apartment building, Imperial Palace Apartment. “Concrete Utopia” is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

Source: Daum

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