5 Korean actresses who should not play weak and naive female characters

Most viewers believe these Korean actresses suit strong and feisty female characters the most. 

Sometimes, for some reason, actors, although they perform well in many different types of roles, when it comes to a certain image, they just somehow don’t fit and have difficulties portraying the characters. As for the following 5 actresses, fragile and helpless female characters don’t seem to fit them well. 

Jun Ji Hyun

During more than 20 years of working in the industry, Jun Ji Hyun has proved her acting ability through a variety of on-screen images. Taking a look at the movies and dramas starring the 1981-born actress, it is easy to notice that she has never taken on a role of a helpless and frail woman. 

Jun Ji Hyun’s flawless appearance and chic aura give off the vibes of a badass female lead, so according to most viewers, a fragile character does not suit her at all. Instead of taking the risk, Jeon Ji Hyun also likes to stick to playing the types of character that can best show her strength and charisma. 

Kim Da Mi

Kim Da Mi’s scenes in Itaewon Class where she has long hair look somewhat forced and awkward. This has proved that Kim Da Mi’s visuals and the current image she is pursuing are not much suitable for female characters who are clingy, or often acting cute. Many viewers believe Kim Da Mi is the most attractive when she plays feisty characters. 

Even when she does not play a weak girl with a tender aura, Kim Da Mi is still capable of showcasing her diversity in acting through the roles she has taken on so far. 

Han So Hee

Although Han So Hee did gain great attention after appearing as Yoo Na Bi in “Nevertheless“, she also received negative comments. From episode 1 to episode 10, the audience criticized her acting, saying it looked awkward and didn’t suit the image of a gentle and fragile girl like Na Bi. Many people believed Han So Hee did make a wrong move when accepting this role.

This is the reason why fans and netizens were glad to see Han So Hee leaving behind the girlish image to come back as a powerful fighter in “My Name“. After the release of “My Name“, Han So Hee has received lots of compliments for her changing of images and is expected to portray more strong characters like this in her upcoming works.

Seo Ye Ji

After the success of “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”, Seo Ye Ji has proved that she really suits the roles with strong individuality. She already tried to challenge herself with a variety of girly characters that are completely opposite to Go Moon Young, but didn’t receive much recognition. Seo Ye Ji hadn’t left much impression on K-Drama fans until she took on this ‘crazy’ woman role. Therefore, Seo Ye Ji herself might have realized which kind of role would suit her acting by now. 

While Korean netizens are still criticizing Seo Ye Ji for her scandal, she needs to come back with a drama or movie that would guarantee her success in order to gain back the public’s trust. It seems like she should get rid of the ‘weak girl’ role if she wants to impress the viewers.

Krystal Jung

With the image that Krystal Jung is cultivating right now, she is unlikely to choose fragile roles in the future. Because, aside from her role in The Heirs, which is said to be quite cute, Krystal Jung’s other roles with this image have all failed.

It seems like Krystal Jung should develop her career in the same way as Jun Ji Hyun. Krystal has always been appreciated for her skills, but she needs a good script to be fully recognized in the film industry.

The image of “fragile” girls seems to be a popular, easy-to-play image that anyone can successfully transform into, but as for the cases mentioned above, it’s not so easy. These actresses will do better if they choose more appropriate types of roles, as Han So Hee and Krystal Jung have done.

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