The reason why the trio Yoona – Yuri – Seohyun is called “Bermuda line of Girls’ Generation”

Girls’ Generation Yoona, Yuri and Seohyun drew admiration for their outstanding visuals. 

On August 22nd, SNSD Yuri posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption “This summer is so happy”.

SNSD yoona yuri seolhyun

The released photos show Yoona, Yuri, and Seohyun of Girls’ Generation standing side by side to take a commemorative photo. The visuals of the three known as the group’s center-visual line caught the eyes of netizens.

SNSD yoona yuri seolhyun

The so-called “Bermuda line” refers to the trio Yoona, Yuri, and Seohyun of Girls’ Generation and it means “three representative visual members”. This nickname is given to them to compare their beauty to Bermuda Triangle, where you can’t escape once you get into it.

SNSD yoona yuri seolhyun

Joy of junior group Red Velvet showed affection to her senior by leaving a comment under Yuri’s post, saying “Unnie, you’re so pretty”.

In response to Yuri’s post, Internet users responded explosively, saying “Our Bermuda line! They’re so pretty”, “Thanks to Yuri, I also feel happy”, “Thank you for working hard despite your busy schedule”, “Unnie, you’re so beautiful!”, etc.

Yoona, Yuri and Seohyun are active as actresses. Yoona is receiving huge love for her appearance as Ko Mi-ho in MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth”. Yuri is about to make her comeback on the small screen on August 24th through ENA’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Good Job”, which is the follow-up drama to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. Maknae Seohyun recently appeared in KBS2’s TV series “Jinxed At First”, which ended on August 4th. 


Girls’ Generation made their comeback with the 7th full album “FOREVER1” on August 5th to mark their 15th debut anniversary. The group proved their unchanging popularity and power by sweeping the top spots on music charts in Korea. In addition, they also ranked #1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 31 countries and regions around the world, China QQ Music’s Digital Album Sales Chart, and Japan Recochoku’s Daily Album Ranking.

Girls’ Generation will hold a special fan event called “2022 Girls’ Generation Special Event – Long Lasting Love” at Seoul Olympic Park at 7 p.m on the 3rd of next month to meet their fans. 

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