Despite flop, NCT will still be successful like EXO and SNSD?

According to netizens, NCT is a boygroup with the worst performances that SM used to release.

SM is very good at training boygroup. No matter if they are the main boygroups of their company or not, they are still the leader within their generation such as EXO. However, NCT is a totally different case. Introduced as a ambitious project of SM and divided into many small units to meet the needs of audiences with different ages and nationalities, but after 2 years of debut, NCT did not make it as expected.

It’s because SM too concentrated on EXO’s promotions…

According to the tradition of SM, after reaching the top, boygroups will work abroad (DBSK and SHINee mosly work in Japane) and have world tours or their individual career will be boosted, which means that they will give their stages to “hoobae”.

SM, NCT, EXOT, 2017

However, during the transfer period between EXO and NCT, EXO still worked continuously and steadily in Korea. Besides, many fans also complained that SM did not promote NCT as enthusiastically as what they did to EXO.

– “A group who’s 7 years in their debut is still having 3 promotions in a year, and SM still doesn’t have any thoughts about pushing their hoobaes”.

– “I feel like NCT can’t hit big as long as EXO will be the top… They should start pushing NCT when EXO starts to falter…”

… or because NCT are unattractive themselves?

However, there are still many comments saying that, the styles that EXO and NCT are following are totally different from each other. Instead of blaming EXO, their management company should choose a more suitable concept for NCT.

– “NCT used to appear more on broadcast than EXO on broadcast, the fandom would’ve shifted already, but instead, the fandom didn’t accept NCT. EXO were always about singing abilities and NCT about hip hop concepts, they didn’t overlap from the start. Then why were they talking about inheritance?”
– “NCT are quite talented, their issue is their concepts, it’s too hit or miss”
– “I hope they stopped giving NCT those hard to pull off concepts and start giving them luxurious concepts like other male idols nowadays since they’re all doing good….”


“Flop” seems to be a tradition of SM’s idol groups when they debut.

Compared to YG or JYP, SM’s idols are often criticized and disparaged more by the audiences when they debut. Before, EXO used to make their fans “breathless” with a number of well invested teasers, but then they were called as “failed products” of SM. Red Velvet seemed to be luckier, but compared to the period when new generation girlgroups of their competitors (TWICE and Black Pink) debuted, Red Velvet was obviously less popular. Not only latter generation idol groups, even SNSD used to be harshly hated by Kpop before their explosion with “Gee”.

DBSK, Shinee, Happy birthday
However, SM also had some representatives who did a good job right after their debut such as DBSK and SHINee.

SM’s idols are often successful after a few years of debut. This has been more highly appreciated than YG’s promotion: To let idols win from the beginning, then neglect them.

YG, ikon, winner, 2017

There are a lot of factors to become a top idol group: appearance, signing skill, dancing skill, ability to participate in variety shows… and more. However, there’s one factor which is very important – LUCK: appropriate opportunity, advantageous location, good relations. This may be the case of NCT, they have everything except for “luck”.

Who knows, what if the future of NCT will be as famous as EXO and SNSD’s?

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