The movie the BTS Universe drama series ‘YOUTH’ quietly canceled filming after Big Hit received criticism from Korean fans and netizens

Over time, the media discovered that the BTS Universe drama series ‘YOUTH’ has stopped filming.

On October 19, Big Hit confirmed that the movie set up from BTS Universe (BU) had completed all stages of casting and prepared related stages, ready to shoot. In addition to announcing the identities of the seven young actors who will be playing the 7 members of BTS, Big Hit also said that the drama will be produced by Kim Jae Hong, who has created films like ‘Your Neighbor’s Wife’ ‘and ‘Steal Heart ‘.  The script ‘YOUTH’ will be written by screenwriter Kim Soo Jin, who recently wrote the scripts for ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ and ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo’.

However, since some details of the movie were released in mid-October, until now, hardly any news about ‘YOUTH’ has appeared anymore.  Many fans thought that perhaps the movie was already in the shooting process.  In the end, however, the truth is not like that.

On October 11, the Hankook Ilbo reported that the movie about BTS has stopped filming at the end of October. They will not continue filming until January 2021.  According to this news site, the two co-producers Chorokbaem Media and Big Hit Entertainment decided to pause filming to resolve the concerns of fans surrounding the characters’ names.

Specifically, before that, a fierce controversy broke out when fans and netizens heard that Big Hit decided to use the real names of the 7 BTS members as character names in the movie.

BTS Universe drama series 'YOUTH'

Accordingly, ‘YOUTH’ is a fictional movie and except for the members’ names, every detail in the characters’ lives is fictional.  This is not a movie about the real life of BTS members.

In addition, most of the characters that are made up in the movie have complex life scenarios (an alcoholic father, abandoned by his family, wants to rebel, rumors of burning down the house and harming his relatives, etc). Because of these details, many people are not satisfied when the movie uses the members’ real names.

BTS Universe drama series 'YOUTH'

At that time, many fans and netizens were very angry because they thought that Big Hit ‘took advantage of’ BTS to make money.  Articles that criticize Big Hit have reached the top of hot topics on Pann and Theqoo, attracting hundreds or thousands of comments.  On Twitter, Korean Fandom even trended hashtags like # 드라마 _ 본명 _ 절대 반대 (Completely opposed to using real names for the movie), # 세계관 드라마 _ 본명 _ 철회 해 (Request to cancel using real names in the movie  ) and # 방탕 드라마 _ 유스 _ 제작 철회 해 (Remove BTS’s ‘YOUTH’).

Moreover, a part of international fans and Korean fans also sent emails to Big Hit asking to consider stopping filming because the movie’s nature is not suitable to use BTS’s real name.  With this great pressure, Big Hit finally quietly stopped filming at the end of October. Although there is information that the movie will be filmed in 2021, no one has confirmed that when the movie will be filmed again.

BTS Universe drama series 'YOUTH'

Some comments from Knet on Theqoo:

– I really hate it … Just cancel this movie.

 – Big Hit is crazy.  Why do you dare to use the real names of the members?

 – I don’t believe Big Hit.  Please cancel making this movie.

 – Do not believe until Big Hit announces that they will not use the members’ real names.

– Big Hit please remove this project.

 – Until now I still find it difficult to understand when they use the real name of BTS to make dramas and make money from it.

 – This is a movie for fans, but even fans can’t like it. 

BTS Universe drama series 'YOUTH'


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