Hyun Bin showed special fan service at the greeting for “Confidential Assignment 2”

Famous actor Hyun Bin sang a soulful song for his fans 

On August 30th, director Lee Seok Hoon and actors Hyun Bin, Daniel Henney, Yoo Hae Jin, Im Yoona, and Jin Seon Kyun of the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, met the audience through a stage greeting. This is the first stage greeting of the movie’s cast members before its release. 

At the event, the director and actress took turns to greet the audience. Yoo Hae Jin was the last one to speak, and made a surprise offer for fans, who were sad to leave.

In particular, the actor suddenly handed his microphone to Hyun Bin and declared: “Hyun Bin is singing!”

Hearing this, Hyun Bin was embarrassed, but soon obliged. He then chose the song “Goodbye Now” from “015B”, and delivered a soulful performance. 

confidential assignment 2

For minutes, Hyun Bin’s sweet voice filled the venue and captured fans’ hearts. As the song concluded, the actor bidded goodbye to the audience, who gave resounding applause.

Later, a video of Hyun Bin’s singing started to spread through SNS platform Twitter, as well as other online communities. 

confidential assignment 2

Seeing the video, netizens showed enthusiastic reactions, and left comments like “I’m envious of people who get to listen to Hyun Bin’s song for free”, “The fan service was so great”, and “Why wasn’t I there?”

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s upcoming movie, “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, will be released on September 7th. 

Source: dispatch

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