Current Whereabouts of BTS Jungkook’s Dog After The Idol’s Enlistment 

Jungkook’s dog is enjoying the holiday season 

Not only BTS’s Jungkook boasts huge popularity, but even his dog Bam is famous among fans. 

After Jungkook recently started his military service, concerns arose among fans about how Bam would cope with Jungkook’s absence. Fortunately, a recent update reveals that Bam is doing just fine.

Actor Bae Jung Nam recently shared pictures featuring his dog and her furry friends, including Jungkook’s Bam.

The dogs were taking photos in front of a Christmas tree, cutely dressed in Christmas outfits. They were at Holicare Park dog center, a well-known spot for various celebrities’ puppies in Seoul.

Fans are glad to see that Bam is enjoying his time while Jungkook is temporarily away. Let’s look forward to their reunion in 2 years!

Source: KB

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