Knetz think that Pledis is bad, but still ‘outdid’ JYP ​​and Cube: Because their idol is really clean or the company handles it too well?

 Among Kpop idols who have to temporarily halt activities because of bullying and school violence allegations, Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) is the first idol who could come back because he has been vindicated.

 As the wave of accusing Kpop idols of bullying back in their school days is spreading, many idols and actors have to halt their activities to wait for the company to resolve the situation and the public’s reaction to cool down. Most notable in these cases are three idols: Soojin ((G) I-DLE), Hyunjin (Stray Kids) and Mingyu (SEVENTEEN).

 Recently, however, the situation of one of these 3 has been successfully resolved by the company, he has been vindicated and is now trusted again by Knetz. That is Mingyu from Pledis, a company with a bad reputation when it comes to management. However, Knetz think the way Pledis solves their idol’s controversy “outdid” both JYP and Cube.

 Pledis announced their resolution of Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) being suspected of bullying his classmates

 On February 22, a Knetz shared a post revealing that he used to be bullied by Mingyu in elementary and middle school, and this post was denied by Pledis.  After other posts with similar allegations appeared, Pledis again denied the specific accusations but announced that Mingyu would suspend his activities while the agency investigated the allegations in more detail.

 In an updated response on March 12, Pledis reaffirmed that Mingyu was not involved in bullying and said that misunderstandings with the original poster had been resolved following face-to-face discussions.  Most recently on March 21, Pledis released another statement about their investigation into Mingyu’s rumors.

 In the latest statement, the company confirmed that Mingyu did not bully his classmates, and even those whom the “exposer” called witnesses of the incident said they have no memory of this story. Pledis also mentioned that the last accuser said they did not want to continue the matter, and the company would not sue this person even though they damaged Mingyu’s reputation.

 The company stated: ‘After listening to the poster’s report about what happened, the company worked to confirm the incident with those believed to be involved in the incident, along with a review of the testimony of those who were in the same class with Mingyu that were submitted to us. ‘

 Pledis went on to explain: ‘At first, our artist (Mingyu) insisted that he had no memory of what happened, and he never encouraged other students’ bullying by being a bystander, laughing and making comments that insult anyone. The original poster named their attackers, so we checked the testimony of those people as well as the students who were supposed to be witnesses of the incident. However, they all do not remember that anything happened like what was revealed by the original poster. ‘

 After that, the company said that after many times searching for witnesses, but no one remembered this incident, the person who posted above did not want to continue to “expose” Mingyu anymore. Pledis said the poster had personally contacted them saying ‘they don’t want to proceed with the issue’.

 Concluding the statement, Pledis said they would not sue the poster even when what they said is untrue: ‘The worrying thing is that this post is based only on someone’s memory but has been published online,  And currently no witnesses remember that this happened.  While it’s fortunate that this and all previous incidents are unrelated to our artist, it’s worrying to think that a lot of people have been somewhat hurt by them. In addition, the time and effort required to resolve the case is also no little.  However, during the company’s discussion with the accuser, it seems that they have also been hurt by the act of school violence even though it has nothing to do with our artist. So we decided to end it with no further action after the truth was clearly revealed. ‘

 Knet’s response to Pledis’ statement

 After Pledis’s long and detailed response, many Knet said they trusted Mingyu and also agreed that the male idol did not bully. The relief in Knet’s comments shows that Mingyu can now safely return to Kpop and will soon continue his activities with SEVENTEEN.

 – Poor Mingyu. I hope his company sues the accuser!

 – Take legal action against anyone who spread false rumors.

 – So Mingyu is definitely not a bully!

 – Pledis and Mingyu seem to be the biggest victims because of these rumors.

 – What if all these accusations were purely imaginary ?! It’s so scary.

 – Now please stop talking about this and let him continue to promote Seventeen’s schedules.

 – What about Mingyu’s image? Please sue them.

 – Mingyu had a hard time.

Is Pledis doing better than Cube and JYP, or is it because their idols are completely clean?

 Pledis is often on the list of entertainment companies that are criticized by netizens and fans for their poor management and protection of artists. However, for this incident when their own idols were accused of bullying, Knetz said that they did several times better than JYP and Cube. This not only saves Mingyu from a slumping career, but also helps SEVENTEEN regain trust and image in the public eye.

 On the contrary, there are also Knetz who think that Pledis could handle it well not because the company is good, but because Mingyu is truly clean. Many people doubted that JYP and Cube could follow the same sequence of resolution as Pledis, but still stuck in chaotic allegations because there is still the possibility of accusations against Soojin ((G)I-DLE ) and Hyunjin (Stray Kids) are real.

 What do you think about how Pledis handled Mingyu’s scandal this time?  In your opinion, can Soojin and Hyunjin be vindicated and regain Knet’s trust in the same way?  Please share your opinion.

Sources: tinnhac

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