Charlie Puth, “Collaboration with BTS Jungkook? He sang perfectly in tune and his voice was amazing”

U.S singer Charlie Puth revealed a behind-the-scenes story of his collaboration with BTS member Jungkook.

Kakao Entertainment’s music platform Melon introduced Charlie Puth’s third full album “CHARLIE” on October 7th through its online-offline service Melon Spotlight and original audio content service Melon Station’s POPCAST.

charlie puth

Accordingly, Charlie Puth said, “I’m very excited because the album I worked on for two years has finally been completed”.

Charlie Puth performed his hit song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” as a joint performance with Jungkook. He then presented his third single “Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS)”, which was recently pre-released and received explosive responses.

charlie puth jungkook left and right

Charlie Puth shared, “Working with Jungkook was very easy. He finished the recording of his part within a day. He sang it perfectly in tune. His voice, pronunciation and even the smallest details were perfect. It was so well done that I just copied and pasted his part into the track and the production ended”, expressing his extraordinary affection for Jungkook.

charlie puth jungkook

Charlie Puth also drew attention as he also showed his interest in various K-pop groups apart from BTS, which are BLACKPINK, NewJeans, etc. Revealing that he liked listening to NewJeans and Seventeen recently, Charlie Puth said, “I like all K-pop songs in general. I want to work with any singer. I’m really into K-pop right now”.

He continued, “In the future, I want to do collaborations with more K-pop groups. I also want to hold a concert and perform in Korea”, delivering a sincere message to Korean fans.

Charlie Puth presents a variety of exclusive content for global listeners with Melon membership only through Melon Spotlight. Through POPCAST, an interview video is released to allow fans to meet their artists more closely and comfortably. 

charlie puth

Melon Spotlight is also holding an event to give CDs and polaroid sets with Charlie Puth’s signature to 5 people who complete the mission. 

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