ITZY Yu Na appears in a tight dress that shows off her luxurious hips

ITZY Yu Na showed off her gorgeous body, proving her name as a wannabe icon of many girls.

On Jan 19th, the 4th episode of “IT’z TOUR BOOK” was uploaded on ITZY’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Yu Na is seen preparing to go out for a meal with her team and Park Jin Young, the CEO of JYP Entertainment.

Yu Na’s choice was a tight black dress, which shows off her admirable hips line.

Yu Na said, “I will wear it like this. The weather here in the United States is not that cold, so it won’t be that cold even if I dress up like this. The weather is a little warm.

Yu Na continued, “I’m going to spray my favorite perfume.

Yu Na then introduced the perfume and said, “This is a perfume that I’m really into these days, and I used almost half of it already.

Yu Na sprayed the perfume as she described, “It’s woody but more on the elegant side? It feels like that, so I think it will go well with today’s outfit.

Later, Yu Na went out for a meal with the other ITZY members and Park Jin Young. They had a good time talking.

Meanwhile, ITZY, who debuted in 2019, has created hit songs such as “DALLA DALLA,” “WANNABE”, “Cheshire” and “SNEAKERS”.

Source: Herald POP

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